If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Dr. Bragassa and his staff are awesome! Their passion for straightening teeth and making the process fun makes every visit enjoyable. Dr. Bragassa provides a lot of great information about treatment options which is something I appreciate. If you're in need of an orthodontist for you or your family, look no further!” – Ashley Morgenstern

“Dr. Bragassa was so informative and compassionate when providing options for treatment with our daughter. He had time to actually provided treatment immediately after our consultation, which was amazing! He is such a wonderful asset to your practice and we would highly recommend him in the future for any orthodontic treatment.” – Kim Holt Smith

“I recommend Dr. McPherson and his Team because we have seen great results. The initial treatment plan was very accurate. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. McPherson always takes time to explain progress and answer questions.” – Theresa Crane

“They really work to make the patients feel comfortable with having braces. The staff is professional and also friendly and courteous. They take an interest in you as a person, not just a patient.” – George Psihountas

“From the first minute you walk in the door ‘til the moment you leave, you and your child are made to feel important and special. Everyone is smiling, friendly, and warm. Dr. Mc and his staff each take time to be gentle, yet professional and accurate; and take time to explain progress – where you’ve been and where you’re going. We feel like we are with a team that truly cares that our daughter has a great smile!” – Sheila Harper

“Extremely efficient office!! They have excellent use of technology with e-mail appointment reminders and website account information. Very competent and courteous office staff – my two kids have never waited more than five minutes for an appointment. Based solely on her experience with Dr. McPherson and his staff, my daughter has decided she wants to be an orthodontist when she grows up!!!” – Mike Mason

“I know I can count on excellent results from an incredible orthodontist! Dr. McPherson truly cares about each and every patient. Although I have triplets in braces, and one child who is wearing them for the second time, no one minds. They all know that a smile will be had by all at Dr. McPherson’s office as his staff is so kind and so friendly. You know it’s a great office when my fourth child cannot wait to get braces!” – Beth Marlow

“Their professionalism and politeness is great. Dr. McPherson and his staff are very inviting individuals who make patients feel comfortable to ask questions and address any concerns they may have.” – Yvonne McCastle

I have never experienced an office that is so professional, caring, and ready to help their clients! The staff is always there, ready to help in any way and always doing so with a smile and a wonderful attitude. The best part of Dr. McPherson’s practice is that appointments are always on time – there is no waiting ever! That is a priceless gift in our world of busy schedules and hectic days! Many thanks to all of you!” – Donna Hammer

“I feel the level of professionalism is superb. Since I am in a client business myself, I appreciate a caring, friendly attitude that permeates the office no matter what time your appointment is. I have recently seen that Dr. McPherson was rated by his peers in a magazine as ‘one of the best,’ so that solidifies my feeling that I made the right choice for my child.” – Maura Reising

“The office is one of the friendliest and yet most efficient medical/dental facilities in which I have had the pleasure of working with as a parent. Upon my first visit, I knew that my daughter’s oral health was a priority for them. They are extremely professional, and thorough; and my daughter has never minded having braces because of this wonderful experience with Dr. McPherson and his staff. This office is run like a well-oiled machine.” – Laura Freeman

“Even though braces are not fun, we have had a great experience due to Dr. McPherson and his staff. Everyone is friendly, very helpful, and very encouraging. My 12-year-old now has a beautiful smile and will actually smile when he has his picture taken – something he would not do two years ago.” – Marcia L. Earhart

“They made everything very simple. They know the school schedules and work around them. They are very friendly and work with your insurance. The office is very comfortable and the staff helps the kids celebrate every stage.” – Susan Chapman

“Dr. McPherson is very personable and friendly. He and all the people I have come in contact with are very responsive to my needs and requests! They explain procedures up front to eliminate any questions or concerns. I am a 54-year-old with braces and had a lot of concerns and fears coming in, but they have been just great to work with.” – Ernestine McNair

“Dr. McPherson and his staff have all been very sensitive to my daughter’s feelings from the beginning. The staff has always been good about scheduling appointments, with no wait time! They were also good with options on payments. Everyone is always friendly and the braces came off as scheduled.” – Wanda Hogg

“We’ve had two children under Dr. McPherson’s care and have been extremely satisfied with the excellent care and professional staff that this office has provided. Our experience has been nothing but positive.” – Tina DeCotis

“They give everyone their best. We have been coming to the office for five years and we have never ever had to wait. As a working mom, scheduling is very important. All procedures have been explained in detail. Dr. McPherson is very approachable, which is important when dealing with teenagers. Thanks for the smiles made beautiful!” – Karen MacGillivray

“The staff itself has been very personable and kind to my children and me. I chose Dr. McPherson over other doctors because I liked his long-term approach to each of my children. I also appreciate that Dr. McPherson has always been available to speak to me at any one visit I have had and he listened to my concerns for my children.” – Bernadette D. Colon

“Dr. Scott McPherson and his staff have done a wonderful job making my children feel comfortable through all of their orthodontic procedures. They are informative, kind, prompt, courteous, and very gentle with their patients. My husband and I have been very pleased with the orthodontic results.” – Hilary Fisher

“They are always professional, but more than that they are kind and gentle. Dr. McPherson has taken care of two of my children. Their teeth look great! They smile a lot more that’s for sure! If we ever had any scheduling problems arise, the staff was always willing to do everything they could to work something out.” – Beth Ray

“I recommend Dr. Scott T. McPherson and his staff because of their commitment to the patients in our community. I have seen his work over the last ten years professionally as a Dental Hygienist and first-hand as a patient. It is the finest orthodontics that I have seen in my 25-year dental career. The office staff is very friendly and makes the patients feel at ease. Dr. McPherson and his staff take the time to explain the treatment so the patient understands the procedure. As a patient, I have been extremely pleased with my smile and look forward for my children to be patients in the future.” – Becky Holt R.D.H.

“We knew braces were in our future and quickly became overwhelmed by special deals, coupons, and discounts . . . so we sought recommendations from our family dentist and friends. Glad we did! So pleased with our experience with BOTH kids at Peachtree City Orthodontics. Every visit was comfortable, friendly, professional, and the billing process easy and predictable; we don't like surprises. By the way, we actually ended up paying less than with competitors, but we were going to go with quality over price anyway. It was an easy choice for us after the first visit and we're so thankful that our dentist in Ohio recommended Dr. McPherson before moving to Georgia. We highly recommend Peachtree City Orthodontics!” – Andrew Higle

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